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Golden Globes 2018: An Inspiring Story for Girls

Yesterday was an amazing day, filled with wonderful women.

I spent the afternoon training a group of high school girls on research practices. The young women demonstrated the optimism and complexity of growing up. As they prepare to apply and go off to college, they were overflowing with anxiety about what the future holds.

I then went home to cuddle up with my husband and sons, cheeseburgers, and the Golden Globes.

Woman after woman walked the red carpet and came to the stage with a single message. Time’s Up. Women have been mistreated for too long. Now is the time to speak up, make changes.

It was beautiful.

And, then, Oprah spoke.

It was phenomenal.

I sat on the couch, overwhelmed with emotion, shedding tears. I clapped. My husband clapped. Our sons clapped.

She spoke about the little girls on their linoleum floors watching the first African American woman to receive the Cecil B. deMille award. She asserted that she shared that moment with them. She let those little girls know that a new day is on the horizon.

I was reminded of the young women I had just met. I smiled. A new day was absolutely on their horizon.

Little girls need to know that their stories can come to life. They need to know that their dreams will come true.

It’s time to expand the narrative. It’s time to create and publish thousands of stories and characters that reflect the lives of girls of color, t

old by diverse authors.

Time’s Up.

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